JUST ASK Move & Preparation Elite

JUST ASK Move & Preparation Elite


The Choices we Together Make and Unique Structure Created will Always Favour You First.

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Plan Best Together and Develop Approaches to Save the Most Time and Money With our Commitment to Reduce The Stress of Moving

When Booking our In-Home Assessment and Build your Plan.

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A Rate Begins 15 minutes after Arrival should you Choose to Decline. Should You Decide to Move Forward The Rate is Unbelievably Low With our Unique System.

We will Provide:

  • Information to Optional Services 
  • Information and Options to Preparations
  • Explain further details on our Methods and Procedures 
  • Answer any Questions or Concerns
  • Pack and Preparations Approaches
  • Hire A Freelance Professional(s) on Your Side

Years of Work from our Owner to Create a Unique Customer First Experience to have Services as Stress Free as Possible.

Should you Like our Approach and Book our Service - a Deposit from our in person Professional At the Walk in Assessment After 15 minute Information Process. Deposit will Be Subtracted from the Bill. The Reason is we can lock in date and Give our Members Time and Dates for your Move- Deposits are 100% Refunded before 24 hours of Service date.

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